Hi! I’m Robin Ixchel and welcome to my world of wellness! I’m so happy you stopped by! I look forward to assisting you on your journey towards wellness!

Why choose me? It’s a beautiful thing to be able to choose someone that cares and you make a connection with. This is an integral part of a successful outcome. You have to feel safe and open to being in a vulnerable state during your transformation. Change is scary, and yet is the one constant thing in life that we go through. Whether you are believing you have hit rock bottom or are experiencing a little hiccup in life, you will want to choose someone who gets you.

My life has been filled with wonder and challenges just like most. At an early age, I knew that I was sensitive and could read people’s energy. I just didn’t know how to process this information and quite often absorbed others pain and sadness. This caused me to feel as if the weight of the world was on my shoulders and my teenage years were filled with bouts of sadness, a lack of self-love and insecurity. I needed a lot of attention and validation and I looked for it in all of the wrong places.

“You get what you tolerate” is a famous Tony Robbins quote. When a person feels a lack of self-worth, they tolerate way more than they should and that leads to a dramatic outcome.

Besides understanding sensitivity, I also loved making people look and feel better. I began my career in Cosmetology and later added Massage therapy to my resume. It was not until I became a Reiki Master that I finally felt that I was getting closer to my calling in life.

Facilitating healing through a spiritual laying of hands. How cool is that? I thought I had the answer to all of my problems, but soon discovered that I was just beginning to open myself up to an entirely new way of living and boy was that exciting!

November 2008 was my first visit to Sedona and where I took my first Reiki course. I was very unhappily married at the time and was on a soul-seeking journey. A year later I went to a Reiki Master retreat and that is when I began to shift. My marriage ended, I lost my Mother and I later moved out West. One change after the next….Grief, heartache and hope for the future enveloped my thoughts and feelings. Codependency was brought to my attention. Why was I attracting all of this drama into my life? What was missing?

A friend who met me at the Reiki retreat reached out to me and suggested that I experience an Emotion Code/Body Code session with her. I had never heard of this before but I was intrigued. After only one session, she was able to target and release many trapped emotions from the past that were creating problems for me in the present.

I started reading up on this modality and shortly after my second session, began the Certification process to become an Emotion Code practitioner.

Layer after layer of my heart wall came off. I started feeling lighter and happier and able to pause and respond to triggers rather than react to them. This was some good stuff! People enjoyed being around me because I was happy ! I had a sense of humor again! I had no idea I was carrying all of that emotional baggage around!

Since then I have become certified in Body Code as well and have again gone through many losses. I now see them as growth opportunities and realize that sometimes we have to surrender to what is being stripped from our lives in order to be open to the Abundance that is coming our way!

I’ve been touching people’s lives in the form of physical, emotional and spiritual ways for many years now and am so honored to be able to work with you on an emotional, physical and spiritual level. It’s a package deal and they all need to be nurtured. Reaching the soul, one breath at a time.

My clients have had so many positive changes occur following an EC/BC session. They have been able to make clear decisions and feel lighter and happier. They attract abundance into their life and are able to recover from emotional blows much faster. Some have been able to have better relationships with family and other loved ones.

I was fortunate enough to be able to infuse this modality with my Reiki healings, while working at the World Famous Mii amo Spa at Enchantment resort in Sedona AZ. This was well received by the high-profile guests whom I had the privelege of assisting!

I’m a better person because of these tools which I believe are gifts. I am more thoughtful, compassionate, forgiving and I have finally learned to love and value myself!

Abundance has come to me in many ways and some may not see it that way, but I have been able to experience what abundance truly means to me and believe that this work has much to do with my successes.

Another piece to the physical aspect of my work is that I have a Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation device that is designed to be used in the comfort of your own home and as part of my “Reaching The Soul” personalized session. This device is designed to improve circulation, thereby supporting, harmonizing and balancing our natural automated body processes.

Our blood is responsible for transporting oxygen, nutrients, immune cells and chemical messengers such as hormones through the body.

Our health depends on our cells, tissues and organs being properly nourished and all metabolic waste products removed. The optimal regulation of circulation is the key element for ensuring good levels of fitness and health.

This device only requires a total of 16 minutes a day of your time and all you do is program it and lie on it! The benefits are immense and I will be happy to share more with a complimentary private consultation.

I’ve spent years researching alternative health modalities and I feel as if I have the ultimate Trio to offer you! Together we will discover what is best for you.

I look forward to supporting and guiding you on your journey!

Robin Ixchel Petersen