Heart Wall Removal Sessions


Have you ever experienced the grief of heartache or heartbreak? The emotional distress of heartache or heartbreak can cause us to unconsciously begin to build an energetic wall around our heart as a form of protection. Unfortunately, once this wall is in place it becomes difficult for us to give and receive love in its truest form. This can lead to a complete disconnection from others, trust issues, commitment issues, and even interfere with our career.

This wall is made up of trapped emotions that we categorize as heart wall emotions. Everything from heartache, sadness, loneliness, betrayal, abandonment, sorrow and anxiety can be found in a heart wall. Every emotion in our chart can be found but it usually forms a theme and particular time frames of ones life.

By removing the heart wall, one layer at a time, the ability to love again and experience joy again becomes a reality instead of a long lost memory or fantasy. Life becomes sweet again and the heartache fades into the background. The giving and receiving of love becomes easier and you will find yourself radiating to a higher vibration that is very approachable! 

* Please make contact prior to remitting payment for services *

Emotion & Body Code

In Person Session $111

Remote Sessions

Intro session - $77

*This includes an initial evaluation which will address your concerns and goals you are trying to achieve. Once we establish a baseline, we will move right into a session. After the session, we will muscle test to see when you will be ready for your next session and approximately how many sessions you may need in order to clear the concerns.

Single session - $66

4 sessions - $244

*must be used within 4 months from date of purchase

6 sessions - $366

*must be used within 3 months from date of purchase (includes bonus gift that retails for between $15 and $25)

12 sessions - $600

*must be used within 6 months from date of purchase (includes bonus body code session that may be given away or kept for personal use)