Caregiver Burnout

Caregiver Burnout


What is Caregiver Burnout ?

Caregiver burnout is a state of emotional, physical and mental exhaustion that may include a shift from a positive attitude to a more negative, uncaring one.

Burnout often occurs when the Caregiver does not allow for any “ME Time” in their busy schedule. This “ME Time” could be anything from a daily walk, meditation, time with friends, a healing session or time alone.

The Caregiver may be reluctant to ask for physical or financial assistance, thereby increasing the emotional and physical load upon themselves. This can lead to a variety of symptoms such as;

·      Lowered immune system resulting in getting sick more often

·      Trouble staying or falling asleep

·      Overindulgence of alcohol, drugs, sweets, etc…

·      Withdrawal from loved ones and social gatherings

·      Lack of interest in activities that previously brought joy to the person

·      Thoughts of self-abuse or abusing the person they are caring for

·      Changes in weight and or appetite

·      Feelings of sadness, irritability, hopelessness or helplessness


What causes Caregiver Burnout?

There are many demands on a Caregiver’s physical, emotional and spiritual health.

The greatest contributor to Caregiver Burnout is personal neglect which in turn leads to a state of overwhelm that clouds the caregiver’s judgment and sense of control. This type of overwhelm can cause a feeling of emotional and physical paralysis which then can lead to burnout.

How can a Body Code™ session help prevent Caregiver Burnout?

A Body Code™ session is not meant to replace medical care. This is considered a complimentary therapy and is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or replace any form of traditional medical care.

A Body Code™ session can assist a person in releasing the energetic imbalances that disrupt the energetic field of the body and also create an awareness and release of old, trapped, negative emotions that are causing the Caregiver to feel heavy and low.

Every session leads to releasing a trapped emotion associated with a negative event from the past that was not able to be processed at the time. The emotion is discovered by using a muscle testing technique that guides the practitioner to the correct time frame and emotion that is found on the Emotion Code™ chart. Once the time and emotion are found, the practitioner energetically releases the trapped emotion and continues on with the session until the session is completed.

Think of layers of an onion when thinking about trapped emotions. If you already have trapped emotions and then add another layer of new ones, chances are the emotion is going to feel as if it has become magnified. This will create more discomfort in the body, mind and spirit and make it more difficult to recover from an emotional blow.

What are some common emotions related to Caregiver Burnout?

Some common emotions related to Caregiver Burnout that can become trapped are;

·      Overwhelmed

·      Helplessness

·      Hopelessness

·      Effort Unreceived

·      Lack of Control

·      Self-abuse

·      Love Unreceived

·      Confusion

·      Despair

·      Resentment

·      Discouragement

·      Sadness

·      Frustration

·      Unsupported

Imagine how much lighter a Caregiver would feel if these old emotions were lifted from their subconscious mind and released?

The act of scheduling a session would demonstrate self-care by allowing the Caregiver to create some time that is just for them and about them.

We all need to care and be cared for. There are many services available to assist Caregivers. Reaching out and asking for help is the first step towards Caregiver Burnout prevention.

May you all create some ME Time 4 You today !